DOJO UPDATES - 17th July 2021


In light of recently updated UK Government Advice, we hope to be open soon.


We have a provisional date of Saturday 4th September 2021 to re-open classes.

We hope our venues will be able to confirm these dates in the next few weeks.

Fingers crossed, we look forward to seeing everyone back on the mat soon.


If you are interested in joining our classes, please contact:

GAVIN (07450 601919).


In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

1st Lesson FREE

Junior Classes £5

Adult Classes £5

No grading fees


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Scotthall Aikido Club is based in Leeds

It is a not-for-profit martial arts club.


All of our members who help run the club do so voluntarily in their spare time.

This includes the instructors who are not paid for teaching classes.


So thank you for your continued support of our club.


Registered Club

Aikido is different from other martial arts in its style of practice and philosophy.


It is a purely defensive martial art.


Aikido has a lot of deep and often spiritual meanings, but it is also excellent

for those seeking self-defense, general fitness or just the week in week out practice of a sport .


Our aim is to offer you quality martial arts instruction along with the time, space and freedom to develop

your full potential as an Aikidoka. We will not push you beyond what you are capable of,

but we will endeavour to challenge you to reach past the limit of your own expectation.


The main style of Aikido taught and practiced at this club is Tomiki:

developed to easily teach students with no previous martial arts experience.

It uses formal presentation of series of techniques (Kata) to give students a framework

upon which to base their learning of Aikido.  Time is also devoted to developing freestyle techniques

that can be used in competition which is an integrated part of Tomiki Aikido.


We also explore other styles of Aikido in an effort to broaden your experience of the complete martial art.


Contact:  Gavin (07450 601919)

Email: info@scotthallaikido.com

or via our Contact Us page


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