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In 2016, we started a new tradition of "Scotthall Wacky Races"... also known as Go-karting.


It really brings out the competitive streak in some people... and the professional racing driver in others.


No names... Sensei Myhill!!!


Next year's event will be something you won't want to miss!

Social Trips


Our first Scotthall Laserzone Party was a roaring success attended by over 30 people.


Split in to 3 teams with 2 games, the competition was fierce.


In particular, there was a definite targeting of the older (and somewhat slower) adults by the tricky and nimble youngsters.


Devious tactics and blatant cheating were the order of the day... the adults remained dignified and above the fray... for about 30 seconds!!


We look forward to next years rematch!


Road Trips


Usually each year there is a Scotthall "Adventure"... for some competition in the UK or Abroad.


And given that these are "Aikido Road Trips" what could possibly go wrong!!! 


For the older ones, the Sensei Jones stories are amazing... followed a close second by the "Roshi Diaries" (latest installment - Switzerland 2015).


Always good fun and great experience, we can't wait for the next one... Japan 2017 here we come!!!

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