Let The Fun Begin!

For all the Family!


Kepplewray... also known as "How many times can you fall out of the canoe...."


This is our outdoor bounds week in the Lake District. Lots of fun & games along with Rock Climbing, Archery, Bridge Jumping, Ghyll Scrambling + more. For those that have been before you know how much fun we have and for those that haven't been you don't know what your missing!

Our annual KEPPLEWRAY ADVENTURE (2019) was full of surprises!


This year started with a race to the top... juniors vs seniors... i'll let you guess who won!

We then experimented with some classic games... including "How to injury the parents?"...

Answer... make them race around the Centre blindfolded!!

Having successful survived without fatal injury, we embarked on a new quest...

Our cannoing trip can was at a new place called Waswater or as we renamed it "Waswa water"...

Unfortunately the boulders were a little too large for his party trick... namely leaping over for a spectacular roll.

After battling the wind up the lake, we flew down by sail (thankfully... as our arms were knackered) 

After another night abseil and zipline, we settled in for another short night until silly o'clock in front of the fire

Another fantastic year closed with a final flourish....

Our very own special Kepplewray creation "SUICIDE POOL"

(Which is a lot more fun than the name suggests.. it has rules and everything)


Huge thank you to Greg and the entire Kepplewray family 


We look forward to another special trip next year!

Our special 20th ANNIVERSARY KEPPLEWRAY ADVENTURE (2018) was one for the ages!


Day 1 started with Raft Building... with a twist.

Rather than staying dry and orderly on the raft, some bright sparks... no names, 

decided to go in for a swim in the freezing cold lake just after it had finished hailing.

Clearly, some parents just don't like to lose!

The day ended with some classic games...

An epic 3 legged race, The Seal Race, Pictionary, Name that Crisp and Animal X Factor...

with the judges barely able to stop laughing.


Day 2 involved paddling towards the snowy mountains on Lake Windemere...

Avoiding pirates, trolls, the Cracken as well as good old sea shanties (or modified versions) kept the spirits up

The day ended with a fantastic night abseil and zip line down to the bonfire...

the young ones treating it like a quick walk in the park...

Unlike the jibbering wrecks... guess who!


Day 3 involved a 3 peat Scotthall record.

3 times we managed to set the record for the most number of crates that could be stacked with someone balancing on the top.

Battling high winds, sleet and snow we braved minus temperatures with typical Scotthall grit.

An particular mention should be made to two young women who balanced like ballerina's in the high winds...

well at least one did... and they know who they are!

The evening was Supersize game of Connect 4... Family feuds were renewed...


Day 4 was a short walk (no such thing at Kepplewray!!) up Caw.

As you'd expect... a snow ball fight broke out on the way up... and again on the way down.

Due to a light breeze, we all clung on for grim death once we reached the top.

Talking of grim death... the afternoon featured more climbing, this time on ropes.

Glad to report that Scotthall Pike (renamed in our honour)... is still there... Phew!

The evening ended with our cutting edge newly invented worldwide sport... Suicide Pool.

The tournament ended with an outrageous fluke involving the black being potted and the white ball ending by the door...

A fitting end to a spectacular game.


Huge thank you to Greg, Chris, Jack and the entire Kepplewray family 


We look forward to another special trip next year!

Our annual Kepplewary Adventure (2017) was once again a roaring success... much like the fires built by Mr Pyromanic!


Starting with Raft Building on Day 1, the parents showed calm discipline by jumping/falling in the water

and acting like badly behaved children... no names!

The day ended with a truly epic Monkey X Factor... with the judges awarding top marks 30/30 to the winner for a memorable performance.


Day 2 involved paddling the full length of Coniston Water...

Hot chocolate, kelly kettle's, fire building, Swallows & Amazons at Wildcat Island and a mad dash to the finish line.

The day ended with an extraordinary night abseil, with the young ones putting the adults to shame.


Day 3 was a walk up Scotthall Pike (renamed in our honour)...

again little legs seemed to work much better than big legs. Caves, quarries and lots of stories. The end!


Huge thank you to TJ, Chris & Greg and the entire Kepplewray family 


We look forward to next year's 20TH ANNIVERSARY TRIP... ONE NOT TO MISS!

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